Child And Family Therapy Using The Full Spectrum Approach

Family-Therapy-ImageChild and Family Therapy addresses thoughts, feelings, and behavior which have been affected by growing up and living with your family or life partner. Child and Family Therapy can include all, some, or none of your family, depending on the willingness of each member to participate in the process. Whether you are addressing a traumatic or “normal” childhood, a current stressful situation, or a long-standing conflict with a specific family member or spouse, Child and/or Family Therapy is often necessary to resolve problems within a family which have affected the way you relate to yourself and other people in your life. A Child and Family therapist can help you identify thoughts,emotions, and behaviors which may be preventing you from improving relationships within your family.

Using the Full spectrum Approach, working with a Child and Family therapist can also address and resolve other issues which have lead to engaging in family therapy such as anxiety and depression. Because these underlying personal issues are often connected to close personal relationships such as family and life partner, child and family therapy can affect your life far beyond improving your relationship with your family or spouse.

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