Therapy For Anxiety Using The Full Spectrum Approach

If anxiety is making you miserable, therapy for anxiety can turn your life around. Anxiety is caused by an inability to process the stress which is an inevitable part of our lives. Like a garden hose with knots in it or a clogged sink, anxiety can build up inside your body, creating blocks which interfere with your decision-making abilities,  and affect both your work and personal relationships. Chronic anxiety can lead to depression and also cause many physical problems, including sleeplessness, irritable bowel syndrome, immune deficiencies, and potential breakdown of your body. The Full Spectrum Approach to Psychological Health provides therapy for anxiety for even the most extreme and chronic anxiety by addressing the underlying physical and emotional causes of all psychological stress, helping you learn how to express and release even the most extreme stress before it becomes anxiety.

My office is in Manhattan, NY. However, I am available for phone consultation House Calls for crisis and in-home therapy, and carefully planned interventions anywhere and anytime on this planet, schedule permitting. Contact me for information and availability at or (347) 480-7895.