Group therapy is one way I can support your recovery and/or improvement of your psychological health. Alone, group work can help explore, develop, and improve your ability to manage your own psychological health, especially in relation to other people. Whether in Open Group or a group focusing on a specific issue, group therapy is a powerful complement to individual work, providing a safe and supportive social environment in which to experiment with expressing new ways to connect with others and to put new behaviors into action.

Another unique benefit of group work is that it can provide an environment in which to focus on specific issues shared by many people. Current Groups (except for Open Group) mostly focus on a central issue.

My office is in Manhattan, NY. However, I am available for phone consultation House Calls for crisis and in-home therapy, and carefully planned interventions anywhere and anytime on this planet, schedule permitting. Contact me for information and availability at or (347) 480-7895.