Attention Deficit Disorder Therapy Using The Full Spectrum Approach

Everyone has occasional problems focusing our attention. Some people have low energy(lethargy) which prevents them from paying attention. Some people have so much energy (hyperactivity) that they cannot sit still long enough to pay attention. If these attention problems happens often, it becomes a deficit which can affect your work, your relationships, and cause psychological distress including depression and anxiety. If it happens too often, it becomes a disorder which can affect all dimensions of your life. Chronic Attention Deficit Disorder can lead to various addictions. Attention Deficit Disorder is a broad diagnosis given to people who have a wide range of reasons causing their attention problems.

Attention Deficit Disorder Therapy using the Full Spectrum Approach to Psychological Health addresses both the specific causes of Attention Deficit Disorder as well as the underlying physical and emotional blocks which cause all psychological problems. In this way, Attention Deficit Disorder Therapy can help you both increase your attention span and address any other related areas of your life in which you would like to see improvement.

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