So many of us live at such a hectic pace filled with so many obligations that we have no time to make informed choices concerning the direction of our lives. This is especially true for those of who live in dense urban areas such as Manhattan and the New York City area. Unfortunately, even those activities which we say are “for fun” or “for our health” are often simply ways to fill up our time and prevent us from really addressing concerns we may have about the quality of our lives. Individual therapy allows you to set aside a specific time during your week to slow down and focus specifically on what you may want to change in your life, your behavior, your relationships, and your future. Individual counseling sessions provided a partner in myself in your search for better emotional health. The direct attention to your needs which you receive in individual counseling provides a blueprint for the kind of supportive attention relationship must include, whether it is a couple, a family, or a work relationship.

Although each individual brings a unique combination of issues as potential focus of treatment, I have experience working with a wide range of specific issues, including:


My office is in Manhattan, NY. However, I am available for phone consultation House Calls for crisis and in-home therapy, and carefully planned interventions anywhere and anytime on this planet, schedule permitting. Contact me for information and availability at