The Medication Myth

October 6, 2014 – 8:49 pm
There is absolutely no valid scientific proof that psychological distress has a genetic or biological cause. I know: I have looked for such proof. I have found only biased, inaccurate research, most of it directly funded by pharmaceutical corporations or those reaping benefits from the money created by prescriptions, insurance premiums, and continued public and professional ignorance.

Blind belief in the competence of medical professionals, a concept imbedded in social and academic education from our earliest childhoods, often prevents questioning of medical theories and practice. In my experience, this is very true of the belief in the use of medications to treat psychological distress. Prescription medications prevent access to deeper layers of emotion and prevent real healing. Those who find themselves doubting the expertise of medical professionals are often made to feel stupid or ‘non-compliant”, adding self-blame to their distress.

I am currently working on book that takes the metaphor in the well-known fable, the Emperor’s New clothes, to describe the unhealthy self-deceiving nature of psychiatry. As a positive measure to balance the somewhat gloomy outlook, I present an alternative—and effective—approach to recovering from psychological distress: The Full Spectrum Approach. This positive approach focuses on both body and mind by integrating psychotherapy, movement, meditation, exercise, organic nutrition, and social activism. It does not rely on medications or the pathological and incorrect diagnoses contained in the DSM. It is founded on my personal and professional experience that recovery from all psychological distress, even severe distress such as psychosis, chronic anxiety and depression, and addiction, is possible without medications and eventually without psychological professionals.

Everyone has the potential to live happily relying on their own innate abilities to both heal themselves from distress and maintain their own health. This is the foundation of hope and strength I stand on personally and professionally. This foundation of belief has helped many people to reach levels of recovery from severe psychological distress that are not believed to be possible by most people, including virtually all mental health professionals. I invite you to open your mind and your heart to the possibility that full recovery as I define it is possible and that everybody can enjoy a life of self-confidence, self-regulation, and self-reliance.