Somatic Therapy combines traditional psychotherapy with the principles of somatic psychologyy.  For some, the word “somatic” may be unfamiliar. It simply means “body-oriented.” In addition to a foundational belief in the importance of addressing both physical and emotional dimensions of the entire person when addressing psychological concerns, a somatic psychotherapist uses both counseling (talk therapy) and body-oriented methods to support recovery and lasting change in even the most severe circumstances. There are many powerful methods to address therapeutic issues through the body.

In addition to being one of the few providers offering integrative somatic services, Psychotherapy Healthcare NYC specifically offers Rosen Bodywork and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy. These methods are especially effective when integrated with counseling.

My office is in Manhattan, NY. However, I am available for phone consultation House Calls for crisis and in-home therapy, and carefully planned interventions anywhere and anytime on this planet, schedule permitting. Contact me for information and availability at alexander@drabingham or (347) 480-7895.