Dr. Wilhelm Reich was a physician, researcher, and pioneer in the field of mental and physical health. He was Sigmund Freud’s last and greatest student. Dr. Reich was expected to succeed Freud after his death. Unfortunately, due to an unresolvable difference in opinion concerning the future direction of psychoanalysis, Freud and Reich parted ways. Reich continued to emphasize the importance of working with the body, biological/sexual processes, and the whole person in treating psychological distress. Freud abandoned the body, promoting verbal psychotherapy and intellectual interpretation.

Reich continued his clinical and research work, discovering biological and energetic processes in body which, when blocked by traumatic life experiences, can cause both psychological as well as physical ailments. Reich discovered that depression, anxiety, addiction, and schizophrenia have the same underlying cause as muscular pain, liver disease, and even cancer. Developing techniques which have become commonplace in today’s world of alternative therapies such as breathing, sensory awareness, and therapeutic touch, Wilhelm Reich proved that it is possible to treat and cure many health issues which are still considered genetic, incurable, and fatal today.

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