Regardless of the severity of distress, the mission of Psychotherapy HealthCare NYC is to empower clients with skills and solutions which they can use to maintain and improve their own psychological health without my support. Psychotherapy services are offered to anyone seeking the following:

  • improvement in your relationships at home or work
  • to find a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in your career or family environment
  • be supported with parenting issues
  • address debilitating concerns such as depression, loss, anxietyeating disorders and addiction
  • recover from severe psychological distress (schizophreniabipolarborderlinemultiple-personality, etc.)
  • reduce, discontinue, or avoid the use of medications

Traditional Psychotherapy

As part of its cutting-edge services, Psychotherapy Healthcare NYC offers traditional individualcouplesfamily and group psychotherapy.

Somatic Psychology

Somatic Psychology integrates traditional psychotherapy with somatic psychotherapy.  For some, the word “somatic” may be unfamiliar. It simply means “body-oriented.” In addition to a foundational belief in the importance of addressing both physical and emotional dimensions of the entire person when addressing psychological concerns, a somatic psychotherapist uses both counseling (talk therapy) and body-oriented methods to support recovery and lasting change in even the most severe circumstances. There are many powerful methods to address therapeutic issues through the body.

Psychotherapy Healthcare NYC also offers Rosen Bodywork and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy. These methods are especially effective when integrated with counseling and other somatic psychotherapy services offered by Psychotherapy Healthcare NYC. Find out more here.

An integrative therapy approach addressing the whole person

I believe that many factors influence psychological health and that all components of human life must be part of a comprehensive approach to healing. This includes many considerations beyond the traditional focus on the brain and its chemicals. With each client, I explore their relationships with nutrition, exercise, family and other intimate relationships, community involvement, and many other factors specific to each client’s life.

Constant learning is essential

I believe in learning from clients. Each person brings unique knowledge of themselves, their situation, and their own solutions to their problems. My role is to help each person discover and develop their innate skills to heal themselves. I provide a supportive environment to help people discover and develop their own strength and solutions.

Complete Recovery is possible

I believe in the possibility of wellness and beyond. I attempt to counter the prevailing trend among medical and psychological professionals of labeling people in psychological distress as broken and irreparable. I believe in genuine, lasting healing not just symptom repression or medication management.

I believe support must be chosen not involuntarily forced upon those in severe distress. I believe that each of us has a unique story, inner resource base and struggle. I respect this uniqueness and co-create self-tailored programs with each person. I believe independence, freedom and self-regulation are possible. I try to put myself out of a job instead of creating dependence on professionals.

We are all in this together-there is a continuum of life experience which we all share

Experts and professionals are not immune from severe distress or different to ‘consumers’ and clients. I have been in deep distress and I have struggled to come back to health. Through remaining committed to my own ongoing development and healing, I have learned to recognize my personal signs of approaching overwhelm before it happens, allowing me to regulate my emotions and behavior, minimze my stress, and maintain my psychological health.

You can learn to self-regulate, too!

Medications are not always the answer

I believe that medications are often the problem and never a healthy solution. They are toxic and destructive over the long term. Doctors, nurses, and psychological professionals are unduly influenced by the massive marketing budgets of pharmaceutical companies and prescribe too quickly without exploring healthier alternatives first.

As I consider physical and emotional health to be inseparable, I feel it is important to address both internal and external toxicity issues such as the effects of pollution from toxic medical prescriptions; hormone and antibiotic-laden foods; and industrial pollution. This is important in any location, but especially in toxic environments such as Manhattan, NY.

Currently, I am practicing psychotherapy in Manhattan, NY and the surrounding New York City area. However, I am available for phone consultation and crisis House Calls anywhere and anytime on this planet, schedule permitting. Contact me for information and availability at